Esmeralda Rivera Ruíz
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Esmeralda is 39 years old, married to Asdrubal Jimenez and they have two sons. They have been married for more than 20 years. She invests the money she makes from her paintings in cattle and also spends in on daily expenses and in building a new house. Since 1992, when Asdrubal told her to get serious or quit painting, she seriously dedicated herself to painting and to improving her painting skills. Her paintings are happy, full of life, sensual, and made with a wonderful skill.

“Yo nunca pensé que yo hubiera llegada tan lejos con la pintura. Ahora siento que tengo que pintar cada día y lo extraño cuando no tengo tiempo a hacerlo. Yo espero un día tener un taller en mi propia casa para todas mis pinturas.”
“I never thought that I would go so far with painting. Now I feel that I have to paint every day and I miss it when I don’t have time for it. I hope one day to have my own workshop in my house with all of my paintings.”
"What I most want but can't have"
acrylic on watercolor paper
28x29 in
* framed
"The Girl with Fruits"
acrylic on watercolor paper 14x22 in
* unframed
"Girl with calla lillies"
acrylic on watercolor paper 15x22 in
* unframed
* some of the pictures are framed. Click on them for a bigger and full picture.

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