Luz Ríos Duarte
Gallery 2

Luz is 54 years old. Her lifelong companion with whom she had 6 children died more than 11 years ago and she hasn’t married again. She says: “After 10 years I still paint with love. And I thank God for giving me my health and my life. Thanks to Rebecca Hart and Fernándo Páramo and Ana Barrientos. I am never going to forget them. And in these 10 years I now have 9 grandchildren and I am still painting.”
She is from Caño Negro, a region in the northern zone of the country that was named a national park.

She loves to bake bread and has a round clay oven to do that outside of her house where she bakes once a month. Her designs are of people doing things, interacting in energetic ways. Her paintings are full of movement, color and activity. As Luz says “Paintings is an art of expressing our hearts and minds. Also, you find art in nature, in the trees and in looking carefully at the leaves. I like it (painting) and each day I like it more. Why? Because I have met many people, many countries. I have had very nice experiences and my heart is with painting. It has also helped me move forward economically, thanks to Ana, Fernándo and Rebecca.“
"Me ha gustado y me sigue gustando cada día más, ¿Por qué? porque he conocido mucha gente, otros países, he tenido experiencias muy bonitas y mi mente y mi corazón está en la pintura. Y también me he ayudado y salido adelante económicamente gracias a Dios, Ana, Fernando y Rebecca."
"I have enjoyed painting and I continue to enjoy it more every day. Why? Because I have known many people, other countries, I have had very nice experiences and my mind and my heart are in the painting. And also I have been helped and I have moved forward economically thanks to God, Ana, Fernando, and Rebecca."
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"The grandmother with her children"
acrylic on watercolor paper 9x112 in
* unframed
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"The couple in bed"
acrylic on canvas 14x20 in
* framed
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"The chicken coop monster"
acrylic on watercolor paper 20x21 in
* framed

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