Ivannia Zambrana Ríos
Gallery 3

Ivannia is 38 years old and is the youngest of the original group members. She has 2 daughters who also like to paint. Her husband supports her painting. She graduated from high school after doing a correspondence course paid for, in part, by the sale of her paintings. When the group began, Ivannia had had more drawing and art training that the others in the group Her paintings are alittle more sophisticated and less primitive and naïve than those of the others in the group. As Ivannia says” What I like about painting is texture. I look around me to find something to paint.

I also imagine places where I would like to be. A painting does not have to be about what life is like. It can also be about how we would like life to be like.
"A mi me gusta muchos el arte porque soy muy feliz mostrando las costumbres y tradiciones sueños y vivencias de mi país y de mi vida.también por medio de mis obras al venderlas es un apoyo económico para mi familia como persone a ayudado a socializar más al conversar con otras persona.me encanta mucho pintar ahora que tengo dos hija me encanta explicarles todo lo que e hecho con este arte y enseñarles a que aprendan a pintar y apremiar el arte y las cosas que tenemos que Dios np a regalado.el don del arte"
"I really like to paint because I show my art, my actual dreams and my country’s culture; I also like it because I share my work with other people from other places and countries and that makes me feel good and I am very happy painting and creating new things."
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"Sewing by machine "
acrylic on canvas 16x26 in
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"The girl with watermelons"
acrylic on watercolor paper 17x20 in
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"Tropical flowers"
acrylic on canvas 15x23 in
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