Toribia Mayrena Guido
Gallery 4

Toribia is 59 years old and is the oldest and tallest member of the group. She is married to Egdmidio Nieves. They have 8 children and 6 grandchildren. Toribia has a stigmatism in one yet and started wearing glasses after painting for more than 10 years. Her style, with very imaginative creatures and unique perspectives, is more naïve than that of the others in the group. Her paintings are fantastical and seem to be from another world. Toribia says” I like to paint and make new designs. When I make a new design and have started painting the painting, I want to finish

in a hurry. When I am painting, all of my problems and debts leave my mind. Four hours go running by. Personally, painting is a way for me to show events that have occurred to my family and to the community. Besides, I like this type of work since I have been able to benefit from it and my life has improved economically.
"En estos ultimos años me e sentido un poco desmotibada pero me gusta mucho pintar y yo quiero seguir adelante pero porque me gusta pintar y me ayuda mucho en lo grupo economico me siento feliz estar en el grupo"
"In these past last years I have felt alittle less motivated to paint, but I like to paint and I want to continue because I like to paint and it helps me economically and I am happy to be in the group."
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"A woman on her land"
acrylic on watercolor paper 24x26 in
* framed
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"The girls from San Carlos in a swimming pool"
acrylic on watercolor paper 25x35 in
* framed
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"The Fisherman"
acrylic on watercolor paper 25x25 in
* framed
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