Viria Salas Araya
Gallery 5

I am 51 years old and am married with Fidel Rodrígues. We have been married for 32 years. We have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. I have been in the group “Corazones Valientes” for 23 years. When we started painting, my husband and children always encouraged me to do it. Painting has been a very lovely experience for me. For what I do I have learned to combine painting with housework and farm work on our plot of land as a wife and a monther and the community and until today I am very sure about that I am doing and I feel I am enjoying what I have

accomplished. I am inspired by the nature that surrounds us in our daily lives and in our dreams. I thank God for putting people like Rebecca Hart, Ana Barrientos and Fernando Páramo here to help us to find this art which has been a very valuable experience for all of us in the group, our families and our community.
"El pintar para mi es un motivo de expresión, por medio de la pintura puedo decir lo que me gusta o no, pintando o dibujado el tiempo es infinito; mas al saber de que esto que hago me ayuda a mejorar la condición de vida de mi familia esto me motiva a esforzarme por hacer las cosas cada vez mejor. A pesar que la mayoría del tiempo paso en mi casa solo no lo siento porque con las pinturas pasa el tiempo sin pensar en otras cosas por eso agradezco a Dios, a Rebecca, Fernando y Ana por la paciencia y motivación por enseñarnos a descubrir en el dibujo y la pintura una nueva forma de ver la vida y todo lo que nos rodea."
"Painting for me is a way of expressing myself, through painting I am able to say that what I like and don’t like, in painting or drawing time is infinite; even more so knowing that what I am doing is helping to improve how my family lives motivates me to do do things better each time. Although most of the time I am in my house alone, I don’t feel it because painting helps pass the time without thinking in other things for this I thank God, Rebecca, Fernando and Ana for their patience and motivation to teach us how to discover in drawing and painting a new way of seeing life and all which surrounds us."
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"Fly like a butterfly in the garden"
16x20 in
* unframed
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"The couple enjoying a walk..."
acrylic on watercolor paper 13x20 in
.* unframed
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"Enjoying the garden"
acrylic on watercolor paper
16x20 in
* unframed
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