Marina Méndez Cruz
Gallery 6

Marina is 54 years old and is married to Alvaro Quesada. They have been married for 34 years. They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.Her paintings are characterized by peaceful family scenes on the farm. Marina’swork shows her calm, her good sense of humor and her commitment to lift her artistry to another level. Marina says “Painting is part of my life. I love to express myself through my paintings. It is also fun to get together with the other women in the group and to paint because we can talk about what we are doing and about our paintings too.

I am happy that we work in group. Why do I paint? Painting has given me great benefits as much as personally as economically for my family. I like to paint because in my paintings I can express what I like and what I want. I have enjoyed painting because with it I have travelled to different places and met different people who have helped us. Also, I have enjoyed sharing things together in a group of friends.

"Bueno para mi estar como grupo todabia es bueno disfruto mucho pintar mis cuadros eso me hace sentir bien con entuciasmo para seguir adelante .
Gracias a Rebecca por animarnos espero poder seguir adelante"
"Well, I still think being in the group is good. I really enjoy painting my paintings. That is what makes me feel enthusiastic about moving forward.
Thanks to Rebecca for encouraging us. I hope we continue to work together."
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"Adam and Eve: the apple"
acrylic on watercolo paper 10x14 in
* unframed
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"I love guitar music"
acrylic on watercolor 18x25 in
* framed
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"Adam and Eve: the tree of life"
acrylic on canvas 22x35 in
* unframed
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