Lany Zambrana Ríos
Gallery 8
Lany is 27 years old and is married with one daughter. She is living about 2 hours in car from the group, but is still painting. She is daughter to Luz Ríos Duarte and Eusebio Zambrana and Ivannia is her sister. She learned how to paint by watching her mother and sister. She began to paint when she was 10 years old and has created some intense and creative designs. Her paintings are innocent and exuberant at the same time. Lany says” I love to paint. I have faith that I will continue to paint and will travel to the United States for my own private exhibit.
Painting is a skill that you can enjoy the benefits from in both fields in your life, as much economically as spiritually. It is a way to express that you live and feel in different moments. And painting continues to be a part of my daily life. I also thank God for the way in which the sale of paintings helps in the house. I hope with God’s help that it will always continue to be that way. For me painting is a way to express myself very much in my own way. After so much time we are still creating new works and we hope to continue to share them with the people have supported us this whole time.” or imagine in see
"Es una habilidad a la cual le puedes sacar provecho en ambos campos de tu vida, tanto económico como espiritualmente. Es una forma de expresar lo que vives y sientes en diferentes momentos."
"It is a gift from which you can benefit in both parts of your life, as much economically as spiritually. It is a way of expressing what you live and what you feel at different moments."
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"The hummingbird drinking nectar"
acrylic on watercolor paper 12x17 in
* unframed
"The volcano Arenal"
acrylic on watercolor paper 13x21 in
 * unframed
"Reading in the countryside"
acrylic on watercolor paper 9x11 in
 * unframed
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